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Image by Fabian Blank

My standard fees are:

£130.00 per 50 minute session (including clinical supervision)

£180.00 per 75 minute session

Radically Open DBT: £100.00 per 2-hour class and £100.00 per individual session if also attending classes

£150.00 per hour for consultancy


Making the decision to get therapy is a big one, with a significant financial consideration.  Therapy is an investment in yourself, your relationships and your wellbeing, not just for the here and now, but ideally well into the future.


It is always my aim to ensure that clients get the best possible results for their investment.


Whether you are seeking therapy, supervision or any other service I offer, I am confident of my ability to deliver an exemplary service that you will be fully satisfied with.  A transparent discussion about fees is a normal part of the initial consultation and is always encouraged.    


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