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Workshops and group learning sessions for Professionals


While the idea of trauma-informed environments is over a decade old, never has it been more critical than now, after a global pandemic and in the midst of much sociopolitical upheaval and uncertainty, that we as employees and workplace leaders, prioritise the nurturing of trauma-informed cultures where we work. You can read more on this here:

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Using my knowledge and experience of working with trauma and clinical complexity in a range of settings, I am experienced in developing and delivering engaging, practical workshops and learning sessions for teams committed to fostering a values-driven and meaningfully trauma-informed culture.

These sessions are designed to be so much more than covering strategies for mental wellness or resilience. They are designed to help teams, as individuals and together, to think psychologically about and work to identify, formulate and meaningfully address various sources of organisational stress, vulnerability and trauma, for the collective benefit of service users, clients, colleagues and themselves.

You can read more about my work in this area on pages 11 and 12 of the attached publication:

Trauma informed services across the Quality Network July 2019-1
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While there are universally experienced stressors and traumatic events in workplaces, each team is different, with its own "personality" and visions of what it wants and needs.

I am happy to consult with managers and clinical leaders at your workplace to discuss how I can help. Please contact me for costs and details of what such a meeting may involve.

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